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How A New Resin Floor Can Benefit Your Industrial Business

A resin floor solution can provide you with a safe, seamless, low-maintenance floor – a flooring solution that offers a productive working environment while being able to handle the harshest of conditions.

There are not many alternative flooring systems that have to deal with the same kind of day-to-day challenges as one found in a factory setting. The factory floor could have to endure caustic chemical or oil spillages, intense heat, forklift traffic, and heavy loads every day.

Untreated concrete floors can deteriorate and crack in a factory while porous concrete is almost impossible to maintain.

What is Industrial Resin Flooring?

Resin flooring is applied to a concrete floor surface in liquid form. That’s not to say it’s anything like paint. Rather, a resin floor is a combination of resins together with hardeners.

After it has been applied, resin undergoes a chemical reaction and cures into what becomes a highly durable plastic coating that forms a very strong bond with the concrete below.

Our resin floor installers begin by preparing the concrete substrate by making any necessary repairs to it. They then use a diamond grinder to profile the concrete and open the pores.

A cured resin floor coating functions as a protective barrier. This barrier protects the concrete substrate and provides for a harder-wearing surface.

Because of its longevity and durability, resin floors are frequently utilised in settings such as factories, manufacturing plants, and hospitals.

Resin Floors Offer a Safe, Productive Work Environment

In any factory setting, safety is a major concern. A resin floor helps in reducing the potential for workplace injuries because it brightens the work environment and provides a non-slip surface.

It’s possible to also introduce skid-resistant additives to the resin so that the floor becomes safer still even if liquid or powder spillage is commonplace.

A Resin Flooris Easily Cleaned and Maintained

Factory resin flooring is close to being completely impervious to staining and it’s very easy to maintain. A resin floor can endure harsh cleaning chemicals as well as pressure washing with no chipping, cracking, delaminating, or deterioration. The resin coating also causes the isolation of spills so they’re more easily cleaned.

Resin floors are waterproof, so they are ideal for areas where moisture is of concern. Factory floors made with resin can go on for years with lower maintenance than untreated flooring.

Resin Floors Offer a Protective Surface for Concrete Floors

In a factory setting, concrete floors will generally quickly deteriorate because temperatures are intense, due to heavy loads, because of regular traffic, or on account of spilled chemicals.

An industrial resin floor offers a protective coating to the concrete below. Resin serves to protect the concrete from chemicals and heavy usage while it also stops any spillages from penetrating, staining, or otherwise damaging porous concrete.

A Resin Floor Can Withstand Heavy Physical Abuse

Industrial resin flooring solutions do not merely protect the concrete substrate. Resin floors make the concrete stronger still. A factory resin floor boosts the weight capacity of the concrete and it helps in preventing cracks and other forms of damage.

Industrial resin flooring is able to withstand heavy loads and extreme chemical spillage without breaking down. Abrasives, caustic chemicals, vehicle traffic, and heavy machinery pose no threat to industrial-grade resin.

Resin Floors Have Specialised Properties

Resin floors are also highly customisable with regard to texture, colour, and properties. If you want to have a resin floor installed, Impact Flooring Services Limited can help. Give us a call today to get an estimate for your resin flooring solution.

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