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Retail Flooring That Can Increase Your Footfall

If you’re setting up a new business, your retail flooring is perhaps the last thing on your mind. Nevertheless, your choice in terms of retail flooring will make for a very important investment. The floor surface will stand out to your customers and can be used to better display your goods. Alternatively, a poor choice can undermine the image of your brand.

The first consideration to make with regard to choosing retail flooring is its usage. Varying commercial spaces come with a variety of functional requirements. Within the commercial space, durability and cost are frequently key factors in determining retail floor choice. Design and style are also important considerations.

Retail space flooring will largely depend on the goods that are being sold and the volume of footfall you expect. For example, a large supermarket will need a strong and durable floor, whereas a small independent shop may focus on a more luxurious finish. All of which can be accomplished by our resin flooring solutions.

Here are some alternative options, but it is clear to see where there do not match the quality and durability that is provided by resin floors.

Retail Flooring Options

Carpet Tiles

Perhaps the key feature of carpet tiles is their capacity for sound insulation, however, they don’t perform well with a high volume of foot traffic, with the need to be often replaced, increasing costs.

In comparison to other retail flooring choices, they do soil easily and they are more difficult to clean than a high-quality resin floor.


Laminate flooring is a cheaper option than many other types of flooring and this is reflected in the poor quality.

This type of flooring, when damaged, needs to be completely replaced when repairs are necessary. Plus, the waterproof capabilities are relatively limited. Further, laminate floors do not absorb sound which means that retailers that do require sound insulation should consider an alternative, such as a resin flooring solution.

Natural Hardwood Flooring

Natural hardwood flooring is less durable, making it harder to maintain and to keep clean.

Natural hardwood flooring comes at a cost, however. Moreover, it does scratch fairly easily, so it will need to be repaired regularly.

Additionally, natural hardwood flooring fails to provide any sound insulation and is therefore not the optimal choice for a retail space.

Resin Flooring

Resin flooring systems can be manufactured from a variety of formulations. Epoxy, MMA, and polyurethane are three of the most common.

Epoxy resin systems are the most popular resin flooring systems. In large part, this is because of the sheer variety of formulations and colours available.

Epoxy resin makes an easily cleaned and simple to maintain flooring surface. It’s also a highly durable surface being impervious to most types of chemical and highly resistant to water penetration.

The surface is very cost-effective, and as mentioned, there are many options for different colours and decorative effects can easily be added, including incorporating your logo into the flooring! This means no matter what the retail store is selling, there is an appropriate resin flooring solution. If you would like to discuss your retail flooring needs and learn more about how Impact Flooring can provide this solution, please get in touch!

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