Clean and Maintain Concrete Flooring

 Concrete Floor Cleaning

Although concrete is a fairly low maintenance flooring surface, no flooring material is maintenance free. The amount of maintenance your flooring will need will depends on the amount of traffic it receives and the environment it is in. A lot of the time, concrete flooring will receive light foot traffic (for heavy traffic such as forklifts we’d recommend a resin flooring system), resulting in a simple cleaning regime of occasional sweeping and moping in order to keep the appearance of the floor in good condition.

If you have concrete flooring in your workplace, it is highly likely that you have experienced some form of chemical spill or accident. What you need to know, is how to clean your spill effectively in order to keep your flooring system in the best condition possible. The sooner you clean your spills, the better chance you have of it not staining your flooring. Like all flooring, though, it must be cleaned on a regular basis to prevent buildups of dirt, dust, liquids and debris.


concrete cleaning

Although concrete is a durable flooring solution, and is ideal within a lot of industries, it is still liable to staining if care is not taken and it is not looked after properly. To further protect your concrete flooring, you should have a high quality sealer or coating in order to make it more resistant to stains, chemicals and abrasions.

Concrete is an absorbent material, meaning you need to act first at the first sight of spillage. Concrete absorbs oil and grease fairly quickly, meaning you need to draw the moisture out the surface. This can be done by simply using soap and water or through a specialised concrete cleaning device. Companies operating in small building and factories may find that mopping on occasion works just fine. Larger companies, however, may want to invest in either a concrete floor cleaning machine or use a specialist company to perform the job for them.