How To Get The Best Out Of Your Warehouse Flooring

Warehouse Resin Flooring

The quality of your warehouse floor is essential, as should it need any repairs it can effect your production. At Impact Flooring, we know how important it is to make sure that your floor remains in the best condition for as long as possible.

Installing an epoxy or polyurethane resin flooring for your warehouse provides an ideal solution due to it’s durability and endurance against heavy weights and high movement. On top of this, resin flooring is ideally suited to warehouses, with the beneficial properties of being anti-static and anti-slip. Prolonging the life of your floor begins with choosing the right flooring system. Warehouse floors in particular have a lot to cope with in terms of constant exposure to heavy machinery and foot traffic. This means damage to your resin flooring through general wear and tear and accidents is not uncommon. Therefore, maintaining your flooring properly can help avoid unnecessary costs in the long run.

Warehouse Floor

A good preparation process is essential to the application of any industrial flooring. If your flooring is not prepared correctly it simply will not last and you will find yourself with the large expense of replacing the entire floor.

Within this process, we recommend that you even out your floor to ensure a flat surface is laid. This will not only help to avoid workplace injury through trips and falls but it is also better for your machinery. If your machinery such as a forklift, goes over a bump, or hole, not only will it damage the machinery, but it could also damage your flooring through the impact. Through utilising a flat surface, this will ensure that any chemical spills will not infiltrate to other areas of the flooring, creating a more hygienic flooring system.

Resin flooring

Keeping a close eye on your industrial flooring will help you to notice when it requires repairs or maintenance, preventing the damage from getting worse. By making sure you act on any repairs or maintenance your flooring requires, you can save time, money. The earlier damage can be repaired, the more cost and time-effective the repair can be, preventing the chance to having to replace the entire floor.

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